The Columbia Daily Spectator

A selection of clips written while an undergrad at Columbia.

No Business Like Scrubs Business A funny thing happened on the way to the millennium: the movie musicals which had been a cinematic staple since the 1930s started slowing down to a trickle through the 1980s and 1990s. Hollywood seemed unwilling to embrace acted-out musical sequences that didn’t involve a cartoon teapot or lion.

Hunter S. Thompson’s Legend Lives On By his being in the public eye, much of Hunter’s life experiences have become ingrained in popular culture. But much of his fame came before you met him. What was it like experiencing the life experiences of someone you’re so close to through the filter of celebrity and of the past?

CW, Fusion of UPN and WB, Targets Teens “The college-age, 18-22, is a critical foundation of the demographic we are targeting,” said Executive Vice President of Communications for The CW Paul McGuire. “I think the WB was always pretty aggressive in the college arena-we did several tours with actors. The new network needs to keep this demographic in mind.”

Watching What You Watch In an effort to expand its coverage of the coveted 18-to-34 television demographic, Nielsen Media Research announced that, beginning in 2007, it will start to include college students who do not live at home in its survey.

Revealing the Sexy Side of Hamilton But what goes down in Hamilton after dark? Nocturnal admissions from those lurking around after hours might give the impression that Hamilton ranks just after the Butler stacks and Mudd roof for sexy Columbia spaces.

Hedda Gobbler, Park Turkey, Lost and Found So if you find yourself stumbling down College Walk after a night of bar-hopping, the turkey you see running around might not be a vodka-fueled hallucination. As Benepe said, “They’re becoming so used to humans that they’re just gonna go where they want to go. It wouldn’t surprise me if one came up and sat on the lap of Alma Mater.”

Night Prowl: On MacDougal, an Escape from Deserted Streets Steps away from Washington Square Park and the West 4th subway stop is MacDougal Street, a throbbing artery in the heart of Greenwich Village. As day tumbles into night, the quaint shopping paradise gives way to a rollicking year-round carnival atmosphere that rivals Bourbon Street, as people wander from bar to bar or simply linger in the streets and enjoy the ambiance.

Having Sex With Robots While Searching for Earth Imagine how much trouble humans would be in if our iPods suddenly became sentient and banded together to overthrow us. Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz would probably be elected Supreme Leader of the Galaxy.

Look Uptown to Toast to a Different Place Since the summer of 1999, Toast has provided Columbia students with a hip restaurant and bar alternative to the usual Heights and West End scene. So why don’t more Columbia undergraduates know about it?

Bored of Butler? Give Lehman a Try If you have that “humanities major” look about you, be aware that the ultra-serious business school students may make you feel like a dirty hippie interloper, but it’s worthwhile even without Uris dining hall’s now-defunct bubble tea stand.

Not Just for the Beach: Spring Break Parties Happen in Temple Too Part of this ironic atmosphere includes dressing up in costume. But you don’t have to stock up on fake blood to party down Purim-style.

CTV Show Heats Up Airwaves There are still a few kinks – of the technical variety – to work out with the new format.