A selection of my writing across the web, which often focuses on the overlap of pop culture and sexual politics.

Selected clips; full list here.

Sex on the Kindle

Sony recently unveiled its new e-reader into a market that’s red-hot—in part, thanks to closet fans of cheesy romance novels and tween lit who don’t want you to see what they’re reading.

The Naked Men of Chatroulette

The latest social-networking phenomenon is filled with men showing off their genitalia. Shannon Donnelly talks to flashers about what they’re getting out of it—and whether Chatroulette is turning otherwise normal men into exhibitionists.

The New Wonder Women of Comics

Once a boys’ club, the world of comic books has drastically changed, as female artists, writers, and editors have risen to prominence. Will readers follow?

Stephen King on His Comics Debut

American Vampire marks King’s comic book arrival—he talks exclusively to The Daily Beast about boy-toy vampires, loving Casper the Friendly Ghost, and wanting a “fun quotient.”

Stephen Sondheim Reveals His Secrets

Stephen Sondheim’s new book Finishing the Hat covers the composer’s biggest successes. He talks about Off-Broadway talent and why Follies never made it to film.

Action Heroes in Heels

From Covert Affairs to Nikita to Undercovers, this season boasts a bumper crop of ladies who aren’t afraid of a little action. Piper Perabo and Doug Liman talk about the action heroes who fight in high heels.

Revenge of the Scream Queens

Horror heroines have come a long way since King Kong’s helpless Fay Wray. Today, Megan Fox eats men in Jennifer’s Body—and it’s up to her best girlfriend to stop her.

The Shocking Indignities Widows Face

In Ghana, a widow must have sex with a stranger to “purify” herself after her husband’s deaths. In Nepal, widows are believed to be witches. Cherie Blair on the new movement for international widows’ rights.

Hoda Kotb Drinks and Drinks and Drinks [Video]

Everyone’s Using The “B-Word” Except The Not-So-Big Three [Video]

Red Eye Hates Belgium Far More Than You [Video]

Sensitivity In Social Media: Why Was Lara Logan Assaulted Twice?

There are a mind-boggling number of things wrong with those tweets – pretty impressive for a format that limits its users to 140 characters. Imagine how much further Rosen could have inserted his foot into his mouth with a full blog post. And isn’t the “war monger” comment just the wonky, political version of, “Well, she always wears short skirts and tube tops”?

CBS Reporter Serene Branson Had Migraine Aura, Not Stroke: What’s the Difference?

It’s no wonder that Branson was frightened, considering that strokes – once considered a health risk solely for the elderly – have been on the rise in adults in their 30s and 40s. Rising obesity rates may be a contributing factor, but a stroke could be triggered by anything that hits the vertebral artery the wrong way – even including yoga or rough sex. 

Hunter S. Thompson’s Legend Lives On

By his being in the public eye, much of Hunter’s life experiences have become ingrained in popular culture. But much of his fame came before you met him. What was it like experiencing the life experiences of someone you’re so close to through the filter of celebrity and of the past?

CW, Fusion of UPN and WB, Targets Teens

“The college-age, 18-22, is a critical foundation of the demographic we are targeting,” said Executive Vice President of Communications for The CW Paul McGuire. “I think the WB was always pretty aggressive in the college arena-we did several tours with actors. The new network needs to keep this demographic in mind.”

Revealing the Sexy Side of Hamilton

But what goes down in Hamilton after dark? Nocturnal admissions from those lurking around after hours might give the impression that Hamilton ranks just after the Butler stacks and Mudd roof for sexy Columbia spaces.