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Stephen King on His Comics Debut
American Vampire marks King’s comic book arrival—he talks exclusively to The Daily Beast about boy-toy vampires, loving Casper the Friendly Ghost, and wanting a “fun quotient.”

Stephen Sondheim Reveals His Secrets
Stephen Sondheim’s new book Finishing the Hat covers the composer’s biggest successes. He talks about Off-Broadway talent and why Follies never made it to film.

Action Heroes in Heels
From Covert Affairs to Nikita to Undercovers, this season boasts a bumper crop of ladies who aren’t afraid of a little action. Piper Perabo and Doug Liman talk about the action heroes who fight in high heels.

The New Wonder Women of Comics
Once a boys’ club, the world of comic books has drastically changed, as female artists, writers, and editors have risen to prominence. Will readers follow?

Revenge of the Scream Queens
Horror heroines have come a long way since King Kong’s helpless Fay Wray. Today, Megan Fox eats men in Jennifer’s Body—and it’s up to her best girlfriend to stop her.

At Fringe Fest, Women Will Rule
Women playwrights are hitting it big this year, but the playing field still isn’t level. Fringe Fest may help change that.

12 Shows Wrongly Snubbed by the Emmy Awards
The nominees are out—but plenty of worthy shows and performances like NBC’s Community, James Franco, Fringe, and Dianna Agron have already lost.

Return of the Creature Feature!
Piranha 3D is the latest campy monster movie audiences can’t help but love. A look at the genre’s surprising comeback and why viewers are flocking to escapist fare.

V Makes First Contact
ABC’s V remake has the geek world abuzz, but is that enough to keep it from joining its network sci-fi predecessors in the cancellation graveyard?

Piers Morgan Report Card
Piers Morgan just completed his first week as Larry King’s replacement, boosted by a lucky booking coup in Ricky Gervais. How’s he doing so far? Shannon Donnelly grades his first shows.

13 TV Shows We Want Back
Every year, great shows get canceled too soon. We look back at a few of our favorites.

Stephen King’s First Comic Book
Stephen King is finally taking the plunge into comics with American Vampire. Its creator, Scott Snyder, speaks exclusively with The Daily Beast about the high-profile guest writer.

12 Most Annoying Commercials of 2010
From Quiznos’ singing kittens to Geico’s squealing pig, Axe’s dirty balls to McDonald’s grumpy coffee guy, watch video of the commercials that had us lunging for the fast-forward button this year.

10 Buzziest Moments from the 2011 Tony Awards
The Book of Mormon wins big, Daniel Radcliffe makes dancing magic, and nobody from Spider-Man is hospitalized. Shannon Donnelly on the wildest moments from theatre’s big night.

7 Wildest Moments from the 2011 MTV Movie Awards
Robert Pattinson drops the F bomb and smooches his Twilight costar. (No, the other one.) Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake get handsy. And Schwarzenegger gets roasted. Shannon Donnelly on the wildest moments from MTV’s always outrageous Movie Awards.

Best Moments From the 2011 VMAs
Beyoncé shows off her baby bump, Lady Gaga does drag, Adele kills, and Katy Perry interrupts Kanye West. Shannon Donnelly on highlights from music’s wildest night.

14 Best Emmy Moments 2011
“Modern Family” wins big, “Friday Night Lights” finally gets some love, and Charlie Sheen acts…normal? Shannon Donnelly on the best moments from TV’s big night.

Golden Globes 2012
The Artist and The Descendants win big, Ricky Gervais (mostly) behaves, and phallic jokes abound. Shannon Donnelly captures the buzziest moments from last night’s Golden Globes.

Grammy Awards 2012
Ladies ruled the night at the Grammys, with a sweep for Adele, touching tributes to Whitney Houston, and a bizarre exorcism by Nicki Minaj.

Oscars 2012
Big wins for Meryl Streep and The Artist helped balance out an Oscars telecast that was peppered with bizarre moments—Billy Crystal in blackface, anyone? The buzziest moments from Hollywood’s big night.

8 Notorious Simpsons Episodes
The Simpsons didn’t hit 500 episodes without ruffling a few feathers. From taking on Fox to ticking off Brazil, Shannon Donnelly on notorious moments from the show’s record run.


The Naked Men of Chatroulette
The latest social-networking phenomenon is filled with men showing off their genitalia. Shannon Donnelly talks to flashers about what they’re getting out of it—and whether Chatroulette is turning otherwise normal men into exhibitionists.
Press: The Thom Hartmann Program, The Judith Regan Show

How Deadly Are Your Beauty Products?
What’s in your shampoo and mascara? With a new law out aimed at increasing the transparency of cosmetics companies, A look at the likelihood of toxic dangers hidden in everyday products.

The Shocking Indignities Widows Face
In Ghana, a widow must have sex with a stranger to “purify” herself after her husband’s deaths. In Nepal, widows are believed to be witches. Cherie Blair on the new movement for international widows’ rights.


Sex on the Kindle
Sony recently unveiled its new e-reader into a market that’s red-hot—in part, thanks to closet fans of cheesy romance novels and tween lit who don’t want you to see what they’re reading.

Book Trailers Go Viral
Book trailers are all the rage among publishers, but few of them succeed in bringing in new readers. A look at the best and worst of the latest marketing tool—and one campaign that’s actually writing a book.

The Next Twilight
From fallen angels to zombies, publishers and movie producers are on the hunt for the next big young adult series that will dominate the market.

Spring’s Big YA Books
Just in time for spring break, Shannon Donnelly sifts through the 10 best new books for the young-adult audience and figures out just what makes them successful.

10 Smart YA Reads
The stunning success of the Hunger Games trilogy has readers, young and old, looking for other well-written, engaging YA novels. Here are 10 not to miss.

Best YA Novels of 2010
The guide to choosing the perfect book for every kind of young adult reader on your list, from the vampire-obsessed to the perfect comic book. Shannon Donnelly offers her best of the year.

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